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Anti-Aging Foods To Eat Every Day

We all want an Anti Aging diet! Lose kilos and win time at the clock. Young and skinny, you can not ask for more!

Girls we enter in Spring and we are going to advance, which then comes to the lamentations . Let us go through these amazing health tips.

Fridge without toxins

The fridge full of citrus fruits, neutralize free radicals and protect the cells from anti-aging. The artichoke, celery, and onion favor hepatic detoxification.

Nuts: walnuts and almonds, they agree to eat them better raw. They have a very high content of Vitamin E.

Anti-Aging Diet

Regarding meat, turkey contains proteins and a very low amount of fat and cholesterol.

Legumes , garlic and olive oil are very recommendable . Append them to your list.

Recommended menus of the Anti Age Diet

Breakfast: start the day with energy
Start by taking a few deep breaths ... Release the air well and start the light day. Make 3 very long stretches (see stretching your body up, lengthening it as much as you can).

Breakfast : a coffee or a green tea, with half a slice of bread with turkey.

In the middle of tomorrow : eat 3 almonds and a satiating bar, to reinforce your energies.

Food: Tupper 5 stars, to rejuvenate and shape your figure
If you eat outside the house, in the office or in a restaurant ... It is important, that you plan the menu, the day before.

Menu 1:

Salad of Arugula, spinach and Parmesan, dressed with Modena vinegar and pine nuts. We combine Vitamin C with the Potassium of the Rucula, the Hydra of the Spinach and the Calcium and the Magnesium of the pine nuts. It's super energetic!

Menu 2:

Iberian ham rolls, with asparagus (few calories and plenty of fiber) and second prepare a fish with vegetables in papillote.It is wrapped in aluminum foil and put in the oven.It is very successful!
Anti-Aging Diet

For dessert
Think about how healthy the fruit is : kiwi and pineapple are very diuretic and if you are very greedy, you can take a lemon mouse% fat or a yogurt skimmed with red fruits, to recompose the intestinal flora.

Snack: You can not skip it!
Recommended a tomato juice, 30 gr. of cooked ham extra and 6 peanuts.

Dinner: It's perfect!
Cream of carrots, a fillet of grilled turkey breast and dessert strawberries.

Essential tips for the anti-aging diet to work

At breakfast: it is important to consume slow-absorbing carbohydrates with bread. It keeps the body active for longer, without producing peaks of sugar.

Take 2 snacks : one mid-morning and one at the snack, to be less hungry. Try, do not spend more than 4h. of food to the next intake.

Breathing and Exercise : although it may not seem like it, it gives us a lot of energy.

Choose foods rich in magnesium such as spinach, nuts and fish, because they give you a lot of energy.

Try not to drink drinks with gas or juice purchased, or prepared juices, etc ...
And of course, always smile !!!


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