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Questions to ask before hiring a web design company

Top 10 Seo Companies in India 2018

If you are a personal injury lawyer, small business owner or any other then you must hire top rated seo agencies if you are serious about SEO in 2018-2019. Learn how to hire affordable seo services agencies according to Google. In Web Positioning, we reviewed a video that Google has added to its help page entitled Do you need website optimization? As part of your Help section. Know in detail the process of hiring attorney marketing company or a web positioning company, what to look for, what to ask and some signs of lack of professionalism. Keep reading and take our advice.

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The video of just over 11 minutes explains to the people in detail how the process of hiring an agency or SEO companies should be. The explanation comes from Maile Ohye; it's the face of the video. She has worked for Google Search for more than ten years.



Explain very clearly, for those who understand a little English, the main points. They are documented on what to look for during the process.

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Characteristics of Top 10 SEO India

These tips will allow you to understand how to hire experts and avoid hiring a bad one. If you make a mistake in hiring a consultant, this will not only make you spend money without clear results. But it could follow unsafe practices that in the long run could damage your web positioning. To the point that even Google could get to penalize your website for bad practices. 

One of the aspects that stands out is that Search engine optimization is not magic. And, there are no honest tasks that you can carry out so that your site is positioned too quickly. The best thing is to look for a long-term and safe position. It clarifies that "the SEO potential is only as high as the quality of your business or website. So a successful SEO highlights the best of your web to be positioned properly in a site where your potential customer expects your site to be. "

It also explains that a successful website optimization improves the experience of the person searching, from the search results until it enters your website and potentially becomes. "A good SEO will recommend good practices for a search-friendly site. From basic things like descriptive titles for a blog to more complex things like the marking of the language for a global multi-language site ".

The idea of organic optimization is always to give customers a good experience, especially for users who come to the web from Google. And they must ensure that the site can be used easily, regardless of whether users connect from a desktop computer or their mobile. Remember that Google wants you to be mobile friendly.

In most cases, top seo companies will need four months to a year to help your business implement the first improvements and then see the potential benefits.

They must follow the recommendations of Google

  • Ask for documentation that corroborates the recommendation that you are being made or the changes that you are told to do on your website. For example, if they ask you to modify something on your site, you should ask them for information about where Google says that this is necessary, it could be an article from the help center, a video like the one we included in this post or Google's response in a forum.
  • This documentation should be a backup with a description of how the issue that the SEO agency needs to improve helps you improve your web positioning, and the approach they indicate to achieve this task.
  • That information will help you to hire firms that will help you improve your site. And to carry out tasks that are useful for your website.
  • In most cases doing what is good for SEO is doing what is good for your customers online. How to have a mobile website, good navigation and build a good brand.

How to contract a search engine optimization agency according to Google
These are the three Google tips, on how to do if you need SEO optimization :

1. Have an interview with your selected SEO Companies

Have an interview with your potential agency or SEO consultant. This way you can confirm that they are genuinely interested in you and your business. In Web Positioning Salamanca we talk with our clients in person if they are in our area, and if we can not do it via Skype to clarify all your doubts about our services.

A good SEO consultant will not only focus on positioning you better on Google but on how you can improve your business.

Some questions that Google says they could ask would be:

  • What makes your business, content, and service unique and valuable to customers? Because this information should stand out on your website for your current and potential audience.
  • How is your current client? How do they get to your site?
  • What other channels do you use? As offline advertising, social networks ...
  • How does your business make money? How can searches help?
  • Who are your main competitors? What do they do?
  • It is important that an SEO agency wants to know your business thoroughly if not, it is not interested in helping you in your positioning.

2. Check your references or reputation

References are an important element when hiring. For example, on our website, you will be able to see our success stories visit their websites. Also, check the words for which they are positioned. And they can even ask for our references to any of them.

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A good SEO is someone with whom you can work, learn and experiment. That cares about your business. And not only that you want to take your site to the highest ranking.

A good SEO will want to show you how search engines work, so an SEO becomes a basic part of your business.

3. Request a technical and search audit

Asking for a technical and search audit is another aspect that will tell you about the professionalism of an SEO agency. In some cases, they will charge you for this. You can give partial access to your data in Search Console and Google Analytics.

If you ask for an audit before hiring them, they can give you a list of priorities about what they think you can improve. If you have a large business, you can hire different agencies to do these audits and compare what they offer. And decide on the option that suits you best.

How should the audit and budget be structured?

  • The issue
  • The suggestion to improve it
  • An estimate of the investment. In short, time and money to invest. And those same elements so that Google and customers recognize this improvement.
  • An estimate of the positive impact on your business. That can result in better impressions and more conversions. Or a change that improves your site and brand.
  • A plan on how to act and improve the implementation.
  • What should a technical audit have?
  • A complete technical audit of your website must have details such as internal links, website architecture, tracking, metadata, upload speed, open graph, website authority, popularity in social networks, to name a few.

What should a keyword study have?

A keyword study should separate searches by categories. With a brand name and without the brand name. The first are those that include the name of your business or website. This is important because it is the way that customers who already know you find you, and an SEO must make sure to offer these people the best experience.

What they should recommend you and how to act?

To improve the ranking of keywords, an SEO services consultant should make the following recommendations (among others) -according to Google-: update obsolete content that is well positioned, improve internal links, share more your content to reach more potential customers, learn from your competitors.

For a good SEO strategy to work, the business owner and his team must be open to the recommendations of the SEO consultant. To make the changes that it recommends and to commit to the plan. Also, those who hire must have patience, since a good SEO requires time to implement the changes in a good way and make them sustainable over time.

Knowing details about how to hire best seo for law firms will allow you to move towards improving your business. The web positioning is critical to your business, since being at the top of the search engine and you 'll get more traffic if you have a well-designed website will get boost sales.



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