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If you have come this far, it is because you will be curious (at least a little) about how Digital Marketing can be applied in the legal sector


It may seem easy, but I know it is a very big challenge and obviously not easy at all. We are clear about the goal, and we want to improve our client recruitment for our law firm, but we are getting out of what has been conventional (word of mouth, are you there?) And we enter the digital world and specifically in the use of Legal Marketing.

But how do we get there? What are the recommendations and good practices? How do I know I'm not going to waste my time or my partners' time? Well for that I am here, to give you the following eight tips on digital legal marketing for new york accident lawyer. And free, eh!





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Have a Useful Website

Surely you already have a web page, but it is not giving you any result. The phrase "Nowadays to be on the internet you need a web page" is correct but not literally. You need a web and a lot of work behind it to make it work.

If you want to apply Digital Marketing in your consultancy or office, you must make sure that the web is your main commercial, (who will work 24/7 for you, without rest) and that you have all the attention and the necessary equipment to be able to function correctly.

This means allocating part of the budget in Marketing to continuously improve your website. Give value to your website with content strategies, SEO optimization, and other techniques and good practices of Online Marketing that are necessary at the time of having a good website.

Have the necessary tools

To carry out your daily work as a consultant/lawyer you will surely use computer software to simplify and reduce the workload and thus be more productive. For Online Marketing for a law firm is the same, you need tools to be able to simplify and above all; automate part of the work.

When you start to develop a digital strategy with your team, if you do it right, you will realize that you have too many variables (attorney website design and development, SEO optimization, social networks, content strategy, brand image, and much more). )

You need to have the right tools for each task, for example; to manage a website it is more than likely that you need a CMS (Content Management System ) where you can manage your identity online. To manage social networks surely your social media manager needs to be able to plan all the messages that you want to spread on social networks, and that is only achieved with tools that automate this process.

Do not be scared, really, but if you want to succeed all this is part of the process;)

Your employees must be qualified and motivated for any challenge

We reach human capital: D! You need to have employees who love this new adventure. Whether you have an internal Marketing department or not, all the people who are going to be involved in the digital life of the company must know how to do the O with a joint. If you have not failed before or even start.

By qualified, I do not mean that they have taken the best Master in Marketing or have a super degree in communication, if not mainly digital native people, who are passionate about new technologies and who consider this type of Marketing is a science. If you find that, we can start talking about creating a digital strategy.

Digital marketing for law firms

Be clear about the strategy to follow and make a difference

Without a strategy you are nothing. Hard but real, like life itself. If you start trying to do something without even knowing what, how and why, the only thing you will get will be a very bad experience.

Be clear about what you want to do, how you want to do it and above all for who you want to do it before creating absolutely nothing.

By fully developing a digital strategy of zero for your advice, you will be able to stand out from the competition and highlight what sets you apart from the others. You will know at what point you are from the moment you start.

Entertainment does not take away the seriousness

Seriously, the lawyer is for lawyers, not for your clients, especially in the digital environment. Your clients are neither lawyers nor advisors. If you want your online strategy to work really, you have to talk to them, and this includes even entertaining.

Although the services you offer is something serious and delicate, your way of communicating does not have to be ultra formal; you can even opt for a very informal tone, reaching the point where your clients and (most importantly) possible clients throw themselves laughter

Do not be afraid to try new things, here it is about trying to offer something different. And a firm or legal counsel that includes some humor in its digital strategies it is extremely rare. I give faith: P

Be Social

And if you are thinking that social networks are going to serve you to sell your services, one of two, or do not use them or have not yet tried social networks for your law firm.

Tweet this

When I say that your signature must be social, it is that you must provoke and maintain a conversation with the people who follow you and interact with your company in social media. This will help improve your brand image and the online reputation of your advice.

Always remember that the increase of business through social networks is a consequence NOT a goal.

online marketing for the legal sector

Stop thinking it's cheap or even free

For some reason, especially in the legal sector, we think that digital is translated into low cost, and, although it is true that Online Marketing ( especially Inbound Marketing ) has lower costs than other more traditional techniques, it is not Not far from cheap and much less free.

Before jumping into the pool, you must meet with the people responsible for deciding with you and assign a budget for the development and execution of the digital strategy that you want to carry out.

Cost of software, qualified personnel, outsource workload, etc., are some examples of a possible investment in launching your brand in the digital world.

Work with a specialized best law firm seo agency

Finally, you may need a team to guide you, advise you and recommend what decisions to take. Whether or not your law firm has an internal Marketing department, sometimes the most sensible thing to do is to have a specialized agency to help you and work for hand in hand with you and your team. They will know what is the recommended path to take to reach the objectives of your firm.

There are many agencies in the market, look for the one that generates the most confidence, the one that interprets your objectives as your own and above all, that can demonstrate the return of the investment.


Do not be discouraged! These tips are for your legal advice or your law firm to enter the digital world in the best possible way. It is not impossible, but it will not be easy either. And you know what? That when you get it, you will see that the way to attract new customers in your firm has been completely transformed. Do not give up ;)

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